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Senior Fellow Noam Schimmel publishes paper on reparative justice in Rwanda in the Cambridge International Law Journal



Senior Fellow Noam Schimmel published an article entitled “International human rights law responsibilities of non-governmental organizations: respecting and fulfilling the right to reparative justice in Rwanda and beyond” in the Cambridge International Law Journal.

The paper asks what are the potential responsibilities to respect, protect, and fulfill international human rights law (IHRL) of a particular class of non-State actors: non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It focuses on those NGOs pursuing development in a post-genocide/post-mass-atrocity transitional justice context acting simultaneously in partnership with State governments, as proxies, and providing essential public goods as part of their development remit. It uses post-genocide Rwanda as an example to illustrate how respect and fulfillment of the IHRL pertaining to reparative justice are hindered by failing to hold NGOs responsible for IHRL.

You can read the abstract and access the full paper here.