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Tianna on Overlooked and Oversimplified Histories



In 2019, Tianna Mobley spent a semester abroad at the University of Edinburgh, where she conducted an independent research project on black history in Scotland. In 2020, as her Action Project, she launched “Untold Histories of the Atlantic World” a podcast presenting academic research with an activist slant.

“Although the pandemic has made it more difficult to connect with others, I view the virtual interviews on the podcast as an opportunity to reach people beyond pandemic restrictions and national borders,” Tianna explains in this Sharing Things blog article of the University of Edinburgh.

Tianna further shared about her study-abroad experience. “Aside from coursework, I also conducted an independent research project on Scottish Black history. I was particularly struck by the rich and complex history of African Americans in Scotland,” Tianna added, further noting how interesting it was to visit cities that were “once prominent ports for the transatlantic slave trade and/or had substantial Black populations.”

To learn more about Tianna’s research into overlooked histories, read this Sharing Things blog article. For more information about her podcast, click here.