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Bosnian Senior Fellow Nikola Lero's Workshop: Facing the Self, Facing the Other – History and Power of Poetry



A humanity in Action Senior Fellow, #UntoldStories Research Fellow, and a published author Nikola Lero was a part of the 10th International Humanity in Action Conference program which took place in Berlin from July 1 to 3, 2022 and hosted over 100 participants.

The conference was part of the larger project Untold Stories | Forgotten Places, implemented hand-in-hand with our Amsterdam, Berlin and Warsaw teams. The focus was historical and contemporary with the National Socialist regime’s injustices and atrocities as a starting point. We focused on Antisemitism, racism, discrimination of and hatred towards the LGBTQI community in Europe in order to advance an inclusive and diverse culture of remembrance.

Nikola’s Workshop “Facing the Self, Facing the Other – History and Power of Poetry” comprised of three parts, all of which allowed the Fellows coming from all programs to express themselves and their views on how to remember war atrocities, genocide and Holocaust through poetry. Many Fellows were brave enough to share their words, and to expressed their deepest thoughts thanks to the universal form of expression through poetry.