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“Break the Vicious Circle!” project on tour - we present an educational mobile application during an international symposium in Serbia



A sound analysis of history, education about human rights and linking these aspects to the realities we experience every day are extremely important for us. Based on these elements we created the “Break the Vicious Circle!” project. It aims to restore the memory of those forgotten or lesser known people who did not remain indifferent during World War II. Those who stood up for human dignity and human rights, who opposed violence and injustice, and who through their courageous actions helped others. The project will result in a first-of-its-kind educational mobile application that will present Gregory Stanton’s theory of the steps leading to genocide through the biographies of such individuals. Soon we will give this application (available in Polish, English, German) to your hands.

In the meantime, our application had its “premiere” during the international Symposium “Mikroistorije Holokausta i arhivska pedagogija” organized by in Arhiv Vojvodine on September 22-24 in Novi Sad (Serbia). Larysa Michalska, coordinator of the “Break the Vicious Circle!” project, participated in the panel discussion “Mikroistorije i inkluzna kultura sećanja”. This event was dedicated to local and personal histories and their importance for education and memory preservation. Larysa presented the substantive assumptions of our project and discussed its innovative elements with the participants of the Symposium.

Positive feedback and declarations of willingness to use the application once again confirmed our conviction that difficult subjects and complicated history should be discussed, debated and taught.

And most importantly – we as educators and activists need to provide tools and inspire action. Change won’t happen by itself, but we can’t always make a difference on our own. That is why we need an active and engaged community. Together we can do more!

The project is funded by the EVZ Foundation and the Federal Foreign Office as part of the program YOUNG PEOPLE remember