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Humanity in Action Announces the Participants in the 2012 EUTRA Workshop



Humanity in Action is pleased to announce the participants in the second “EUTRA: European Transitions from Dictatorship to Democracy in the Late 1980s” in Berlin, Germany.

This 10-day forum brings together 14 participants from over 10 European countries to participate in an interactive workshop focused on the political transitions in the late 1980s in Europe and its repercussions.

During the workshop, participants share their experiences and discussed with eyewitnesses and experts and play a regime change simulation that is based in a fictitious country transitioning from dictatorship to democracy.

This program is generously supported by the EU Lifelong Learning Program Grundtvig Workshop no. 2012-1-DE2-GRU13-11280


  • Inga Bodnarjuka, Latvia
  • Theis Dencker, Denmark (2011 Copenhagen Fellow)
  • Else Engel, Germany
  • Daniel Jezierski, Poland (2010 Warsaw Fellowship)
  • Márta Józsa, Hungary
  • Ozturk Kart, Turkey
  • Anita Kehre, Latvia
  • Lina Mogenyte, Lithuania
  • Morten Velsing Nielsen, Denmark (2010 Copenhagen Fellowship)
  • Nataliya Nikolova, Bulgaria
  • Sergiu Novac, Romania
  • Andreas Sampson, Denmark (2007 Copenhagen Fellowship)
  • Andreas Takis, Greece
  • Aliona Velichko, Belarus

Program Staff


National Director, Humanity in Action Germany
International Director of European Programs, Humanity in Action

Antje Scheidler has been with Humanity in Action since 2002, when she became the Program Director of the newly established German Fellowship program of Humanity in Action. She currently serves as International Director of European Programs for the organization and as the National Director of Germany. Antje, among other things, facilitates the transatlantic communication between the Humanity in Action chapters on both sides of the Atlantic. Her focus areas have been the Annual International Conferences, the organization’s outreach to Greece as well as Grant Competitions for Humanity in Action Senior Fellows. Antje was born in East Germany and has lived in Berlin for almost her entire life, where she experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall as a teenager. Antje studied English and American Studies and Social Sciences at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, and the University of Toronto, Canada, and became very interested in immigration related issues and matters of social cohesion. She worked as a researcher at Humboldt University at the Department of Demography from 2000 to 2007 and was Editor-in-Chief of the newsletter publication Migration und Bevölkerung from 2000 to 2011.



Anne Stalfort is a fundraiser at, Germany´s largest community for first generation students. From 2006-2014, she worked for Humanity in Action Germany as EU Liason Officer. She has an extensive track record of project development, funding acquisition and public relations for various educational organisations. Her professional focus is creating a balanced mix of different income streams and building a sustainable fundraising mix (2014).



2010 Warsaw Fellowship

Francis Seeck hails from Berlin and identifies as gender queer_non-binary trans* and uses the pronouns they / their / them. Francis is currently writing a Master-Thesis in the field of Gender Studies and Social and Cultural Anthropology at Humboldt University Berlin. Their ethnographic study is concerning the intersectionality of grief/mourning and the practices of an initiative in Berlin (Grave with many names) that fights for a right to grief. For the last couple of years Francis has been involved in transgender, queer and anti-racist activism in Berlin. They are part of the advisory board of AB Queer e. V., an initiative that implements workshops at schools and youth centers in Berlin concerning lgbtq topics. Francis is also volunteering with an initiative that facilitates workshops concerning racism and discrimination at schools in Berlin and Brandenburg. Francis loves words and is involved in queer spoken word activism and poetry. They often perform on stage concerning queer topics, class and grief/ mourning. Last year they finished their first novel. Besides that, Francis loves boxing, meditating and reading. They will start pursuing a PhD in the field of queer studies/intersectionality next spring. Francis is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow and participated in the 2010 Warsaw Fellowship Program (2017).