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KICKSTARTER in Krakow! The final convention of the project



‘The main strength of a project like KICKSTARTER is that young, new NGOs often work by trial and error. They don’t really know how to get down to different kinds of activities or how to deal with different challenges. I have also been in this situation myself. Such a comprehensive programme, helping them to find their way in this situation, where they can also get concrete, practical information or advice, can improve and accelerate the development of an organisation to a great extent.’

Dr Kacper Dziekan, Ambassador of the KICKSTARTER project

The KICKSTARTER project, which for a year has supported and networked not only specific leaders, but holistically entire teams working in organisations and informal groups working for human rights and minority groups, is coming to an end.

On 10-11.05 in Krakow, we summarised the effects of our joint activities in the project together with the participants. Organisations participating in the KICKSTARTER presented projects they managed to implement thanks to our mini-grants, supporting them in implementing changes in their organisational structures and processes. It was great to hear how significant changes in terms of goal setting, organisational branding, communication or cooperation with volunteers/volunteers have been implemented by the participating organisations.

In addition, representatives of these organisations told how they managed to translate the acquired knowledge and skills from KICKSTARTER into the areas of finances, budget planning, communication and PR as well as organisation and resource management.

In order to strengthen the networking of male and female activists from both our projects ‘Solidarity in Action! Education, Activism, Cooperation’ and KICKSTARTER, which took place on 10.05 in parallel, we organised an “NGO Speed Dating” session, which showed how many possible synergies could be exploited.

What did the KICKSTARTER in Krakow look like? See a short video of the convention.

Photos: Piotr Banasik

The KICKSTARTER project is funded by the Memory Responsibility Future (EVZ) Foundation.

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