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IES Abroad Granada Alum Granted Thomas J. Watson Fellowship



Kweku will use his $30,000 grant to explore care-taking in different countries such as Senegal, Zimbabwe, India and Bolivia to learn which aspects of caregiving vary from culture to culture. During the interview Kweku addresses his views on studying abroad in Granada and the influence that experience had on his life. Following his Fellowship, Kweku will attend the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

On his experience in Granada, Kweku shares:

“Living in Granada showed me little things about to know people with whom you share few cultural similarities. As an aspiring medical doctor, connecting with people really matters to me. What Granada showed me was that there is almost always a way to connect with someone regardless of where they’re from. Fundamentally, the world is full of people who are eager to learn about others just as much as I was interested in learning about them. Without realizing it, I had developed this mental model that the world is a hostile place. Studying abroad in Granada showed me that there is more good than bad in the world and that optimism has become a core belief that motivates me in everything I do.”

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