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David Werdermann: Mobilized for justice in Freiburg’s Stühlinger



Senior Fellow David Werdermann speaks about an alleged racist incident within police in Freiburg’s Stühlinger on Radio Dreyeckland (RDL) 102,3mhz (a free German radio live stream).

In this short write up dedicated to the racist hunt in Freiburg, David discusses the RDL’s process in requesting more details of the incident to the Freiburg policy department. In an attempt to force the policy to take responsibility, the radio sought to raise awareness on the existing racist structures within the police system.

Refusing to speak, RDL then contacted the Administrative Court in Freiburg, the Baden-Württemberg Administrative Court (VGH), on more information regarding the alleged racist police chief inspector caught in the middle of the scandal. With no success, the radioline was once again rejected by the VGH.

Continuing to strive for justice, RDL believes racist behavior within the police and juridical systems must be exposed to the public eye. In its perseverance, the radioline began undertaking a legal procedure to uncover the truth.

To help RDL in the Freiburg police accident and similar cases, you can help by donating to their legal aid fund under the purpose for legal aid.

You can also find the full write up on this RDL page (in German)