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Founder Dr. Judy Goldstein thanks Antje Scheidler for 22 years of dedication to Humanity in Action



So where does one begin in praising Antje and lauding all that she has done for Humanity in Action?  Here is a short and probably incomplete list:

  1. She conceives of and runs programs beautifully;
  2. She is respected and adored;
  3. She adds distinction to all that she directs in Humanity in Action;
  4. She is capable of keeping up with the world—the Fellows in particular—as they and world change;
  5. She is smart;
  6. She accepts challenges  (like going into the film business) that blow like a force in her direction;
  7. She is fun;
  8. She can terrorize with her budget skills;
  9. She has a marvelous appetite for good food and good times;
  10. She is loyal and supportive to those who gain her trust;
  11. She is diplomatic (within Europe and across the Atlantic pond) and firm when necessary;
  12. She has nurtured her staff (so many of us) to a high bar of excellence in our work;
  13. She is skilled at riding the roller coaster of a NGO;
  14. She is a dear and supportive friend to so many.

The list could go on with even more superlatives. For over 20 years she has helped to make Humanity in Action make its place as a recognized, innovative, respected human rights organization. Simply put: we are what we are because of her dedication and strengths. Antje will be missed but all that she has given to Humanity in Action will stay with us—we fortunate ones who carry on in her spirit.

Dr. Judith Goldstein and Humanity in Action thank Antje Scheidler for 22 years of dedication, support and never ending energy. We wish you all the best for your next endeavours!