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Jasamin Ulfat Seddiqzai contributes to Deutschlandfunk Kultur on Afghan Literature



Jasamin Ulfat Seddiqzai outlines the portrayal of Afghanistan in literature in Deutschlandfunk Kultur. She talks about the damage a singular perspective can have, such as that of militaristic dominance or of winning Afghanistan. Subsequently, she highlights literature that looks at Afghanistan from multiple angles.

In this article, Jasamin discusses books that explore the topics of people and culture, travel, education, and history through non-Afghan author’s reflections on their position and perspective. Likewise, she discusses the contributions of topics of Afghan authors who discuss the afore mentioned topics as well as history and experiences. Jasamin ensures to address the important contributions made in Pashtu poetry and through highlighting female poets and writers.

Finally, this article reflects on women’s struggles both in literature but also what may be lacking. Jasamin concludes this article by highlighting the understanding and questions which may be found in Afghan literature regarding the current withdrawal leaving the reader with an array of Afghan literature which gives a glimpse into over a century of life in Afghanistan.

Read the full article in the original German here.