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Privacy engineering: 8 tips to mitigate risks and secure your data



Landecker Fellow Ayden Férdeline wrote an article for GitHub on the importance of baking privacy protections into new products at the earliest stages of the product development process.

In the article titled “Privacy engineering: 8 tips to mitigate risks and secure your data,” Ayden helps readers understand what can go wrong and how to protect against the most likely scenarios.

The topic is close to Ayden’s heart as he is experienced in bringing databases into compliance with data protection law. In the article, he lists his own lessons learned about designing for privacy.

It’s almost always better to over-comply with a law than to under-comply,” Ayden concludes his writing. What is more, “because history so often repeats itself, the most common harmful scenarios are already known and thus preventable.”

Ayden is one of thirty 2022-2023 Landecker Democracy Fellows. This fellowship, a collaboration between the Alfred Landecker Foundation and Humanity in Action, was created to strengthen a new generation of leaders whose approaches to political and social challenges can become catalysts for democratic placemaking and community building. Read more about the fellowship here.