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Louisa Klaßen contributes to "Awesome HipHop Humans"



Senior Fellow Louisa Klaßen contributed to Awesome HipHop Humans, a new book on Queer*Fem*Rap in German-speaking countries. Louisa was one of 50 artists, bookers, rappers and other individuals who contributed with their writing. The book is therefore an insightful conglomeration of queer and feminist activists and artists.

The book by Sookee and Gazal focuses on “a far from the HipHop mainstream” scene of the German-speaking world. With multiple contributors, it uncovers the experiences, politicization processes and discursive reflections of people who deal with Queer*Fem*Rap. Together, the authors continue the story of both hip hop and feminisms.

Louisa’s article in the book is titled “Grab the mic! Empowerment as an experience to understand oneself better” or “Jugendliche, ran ans Mic! Empowerment als Erfahrung, das eigene Ich besser zu verstehen” in the German language.

For more information about the book, visit the Ventil Verlag website. Awesome HipHop Humans is further available on Amazon or Book Depository.