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Islam & Erotism: Breaking the taboo



Senior Fellow Nabila Abdel Aziz has recently written an article for the German Magazine Deutschlandfunk Kultur. The piece entitled “Islam und Erotik – Sehnsucht nach einem offenen Diskurs” (or “Islam and eroticism – Longing for an open discourse” in English) digs into the way Muslim societies deal with sex and erotism.

Today, many Muslims seek to open the discourse on sexuality and sexual health through social media platforms. In Germany, but also across the world, more individuals are working on breaking the taboo through books, lectures and courses.

Amongst them is Marta, a 27 years old Muslim social worker who seeks to educate youth on their bodies, feelings, love and sex. While directly going to schools all over Germany, she has also created her Instagram account where she explains topics such as as contraception, finding a partner and sexually transmitted diseases – A part of a development within the Muslim community that can no longer be overlooked. 

Throughout the article, Nabila engages on the historical evolution of sexuality in the Muslim world. Despite growing freedom on the topic across the world, many Muslim activists believe this taboo is not an issue of religion, but rather a question of morality.

To read more on the growing discourse of sexuality within Islam, you can find the full article on this Deutschlandfunk Kultur page (in German).