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Workshop Series: "Young Jewish Resistance: Past and Present – Hashomer Hatzair"



Senior Fellow Nitzan Menagem is the chairperson of Hashomer Hatzair Germany, a progressive Jewish youth movement which is now organizing a workshop series titled “Young Jewish Resistance: Past and Present – Hashomer Hatzair.” This project seeks to address the Jewish resistance fighters who have remained unacknowledged within historical memory.

This workshop series is part of the Education and Action Weeks against Antisemitism 2021. Participants will be offered the opportunity to work with different tools and methods to build their own educational materials.

This is a four-part workshop series targeted at teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15-19 in Berlin-Friedenau (12161).

Event’s dates and times:

  • 15.10.2021 (online)
  • 22.10.2021 (online)
  • 29.10.2021 (online)
  • 07.11.2021 – closing event

Each workshop will take place from 4pm-7pm.


You can register for the German workshop series via  HashomerHatzairDE’s website. To find out about more of their activities, visit this page.