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#SheWasGoingForARun Campaign



Regardless of the time of day, standing, walking or running, no woman should feel unsafe in the streets of Ireland. #SheWasGoingForARun 

Since 1996, 244 women in Ireland have been killed due to gender based violence.

Ashling Murphy

Two weeks ago on January 12 2022, Ashling Murphy, a 23 year old Irish primary school teacher, was attacked and murdered while on a run along the Grand Canal outside of Tullamore in Ireland.

The killing of Murphy has triggered the debate on violence against women. Murphy’s murder is not a singular case, every year, there continues to be countless cases of violence against women in Ireland by men.

As a response, Gorm Media, and We Are Human Collective will be running the campaign #SheWasGoingForARun to raise awareness around violence against women.

Combating gender-based violence

The #SheWasGoingForARun Campaign aims to actively combat violence against women by awareness raising, fundraising, creating online content and community building. The Campaign will end on March 6 2022 with a commemorative run to honour Ashling Murphy and the victims of gender based violence. The run will be organised by local communities and all proceeds will go to the Women’s Aid. We have 128 people participating in the run across the globe and have raised just under €3000 in less than a week.

To get involved and join the campaign, visit

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