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Allister Chang discusses DC's new literacy plan



Allister Chang and Devon Winsor outline DC’s new literary plan in his opinion piece in The DC Line. This plan made by the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) called the “Comprehensive Literacy Plan” (CLP) aims to increase performance and literacy in the DC area according to the article. Chang and Winsor state that while the plan “offers a compelling vision and suggests useful tools, the CLP does not prescribe detailed actions or programs.”

The lack of detail becomes more apparent when specific examples are examined according Chang and Winsor, such as the implementation of a ‘print-rich environment,’ and assessments as a component of teaching. Chang and Winsor identify the difficulties faced by teachers who must fundraise to print more or how there is a lack of guidance on how to administer tests.

Additionally, in the article, Chang and Winsor express many questions regarding implementation, responsibility, and monitoring of this plan.

Read the full article here.