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The doctors' education in art at Virginia Mason in Seattle



A new program at Virginia Mason Medical Center collaborates with the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) to expose doctors to art. This will assist them in building observational skills and empathy.

The program highlighted in the Seattle Times article in 2018, shares this new venture and its benefits. Dr. Amish Dave, a Virginia Mason rheumatologist and Humanity in Action Senior Fellow and Board Member, spearheads the project.

He has assisted in adapting the art pieces to assist these physicians in meeting their learning goals, including better understanding emotions. Goals of the program include learning how to better navigate difficult topics such as death and dying. According toDr. Amish, “it’s a lot easier to have these discussions about death and dying and the meaning of life, important concepts, outside of the hospital in an art space.” The program hopes to offer doctors with the skills to better navigate their professional lives.

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