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Intersectional Solidarity of Rwandan Tutsi and Jewish Rights Advocates



Senior Fellow Noam Schimmel was published in the Journal of Victimology and Victim Justice for his qualitative case study on the relationship formed between Jews and Rwandan Tutsi.

Through his article “Personal Reflections on Shared Identity and Contemporary Relations of Mutual Support and intersection Solidarity of Rwandan Tutsi and Jewish Rights Advocates,” Noam discusses the way these two communities explore their bond of shared experiences and historical trauma as well as the solidarity and allyship that characterizes their relationship and the resilience to which it contributes.

The research is centered on six individuals, four Tutsi and two Jewish, involved in advocating for the humans rights and welfare of Rwandan genocide survivors. Through their testimonies, Noam studies the similarities and differences between the Jewish and Tutsi’s experiences of persecution. Along his research, he also focuses on the way the two communities’ advocacy efforts shape their narratives of identity and commitment to human rights.

To learn more on Noam’s qualitative research, you can also read the full article on this SAGE journals page.