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Vanda Prošková: Speaker at the 2nd World Peace Congress in Barcelona



Humanity in Action’s Communications Consultant, Vanda Prošková, recently gave a presentation about disarmament for development at the 2nd World Peace Congress.

The World Peace Congress, hosted by the International Peace Bureau, is an event that seeks to bring together “vast swaths of civil society” from LGBTQIA+ activities, to ecologists and human rights defenders to generate a unified response in the face of today’s challenges. This year the Congress was held in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona.

Represented for her position as Co-Convenor of Youth Fusion, a youth network of Abolition 2000, Vanda is building a professional name for herself in the field of sustainable security, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. Amongst several speakers invited for the Congress’ intersectional social transformation panel, Vanda joined forced to discuss the role of disarmament for development.

You can find more on the congress on this program draft.