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The Next Generation Voices: Transatlantic Virtual Roundtable



In the new video series titled “The New Generation Voices,” Humanity in Action Germany has partnered with the Bertelsmann Foundation to create a collection of digital animations portraying how young Germans and Americans see common global challenges and how the future can be shaped best by working together.

Four Humanity in Action Senior Fellows have participated in the project, each authoring and narrating one episode of the video series. On January 12, 2022, these four young changemakers will speak about global challenges that face all future generations: social cohesion, climate change, digital revolution and the future of democracy. The event moderated by Irene Braam, the Executive Director of Bertelsmann Foundation, will demonstrate how a young generation has the capacity to make social change and develop common solutions for a better future.

The speakers are:
  • Shasti Conrad, Author and Narrator of Social Cohesion
  • Maria Krayem, Author and Narrator of Future of Democracy
  • Arne Semsrott (anticipated), Author and Narrator of Future of Democracy
  • Amy Turner, Author and Narrator of Climate Change

This virtual event will take place on Zoom on January 12, 2022, at 1-2pm EST / 7-8pm CET. Secure your virtual seat by registering here. To watch all four episodes of the New Generation Voices video series, click here.