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We organize knowledge to act better. „Break the Vicious Circle!” project starts in full swing!



On May 12, 2021, the webinar “Genocide. Definition, History, Counteraction” took place as part of the “Break the Vicious Circle!” project. Our expert was Dr. Tomasz Cebulski, historian, political scientist, and guide at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, who explained the origin of the term “genocide”, linking examples of crimes and actions leading to genocide with the 10-stage theory developed by Dr. Gregory Stanton.


During the meeting many important issues were raised, especially from the perspective of teachers and educators who work with young people. We also tried to find an answer to the question of what each of us can do, what actions we can take to prevent the denial of the crime of genocide, falsification of history and silence around this difficult topic. We hope that our own actions will be inspired by the educational mobile application we are currently developing, in which we will present 10 stages leading to genocide through the biographies of people who opposed violence and injustice, and who with their courageous actions helped others.

Thank you for your active participation in the webinar and all the reflections, comments and questions you shared with us.

We encourage everyone who is not indifferent to the issues of difficult history, human rights, respect and tolerance to join the educational project „Break the Vicious Circle!”, which aims to deepen high school students’ understanding of National Socialism, World War II and the Holocaust.


This project is supported by the EVZ Foundation and the Federal Foreign Office.