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2023 End of Year Giving Campaign



As we close out this eventful year, we are launching our 2023 End of Year Giving Campaign. This year, we welcomed 76 new Fellows into our summer programs, where they dove into critical topics including climate change, democracy mapping, research on extremism and more. They are hard at work on their Action Projects, and we are looking forward to welcoming this group into our Senior Fellow community.

This has also been a year of transition. During this time, the Humanity in Action team has been focused on charting the path forward into the next 25 years of the organization. In today’s world, Humanity in Action’s mission to promote and protect human rights, democracy, and justice is more important than ever. We are working to make Humanity in Action more effective and impactful, and we can’t wait to bring our ideas to our amazing network of over 3,000 amazing Senior Fellows, who continue to inspire us every day.

In planning for 2024, we are focusing on improving Senior Fellow engagement, providing new opportunities for emerging leaders across the globe, and continuing the hard work of doing our part to ensure a more just and equitable world.

This annual giving campaign will help bolster our programming, both for Senior Fellows and for the future leaders interested in becoming a part of our organization. Senior Fellows are the heart of our mission and now, more than ever, your support helps ensure that this important work continues well into the future. We hope you will participate to the extent you can, and champion both our Senior Fellows and the next generation of Humanity in Action changemakers, by supporting the campaign.

Our goal this year is to raise $40,000. Every donation helps us as we build out new programming for Senior Fellows or contributes to our efforts to ensure that all prospective Fellows can participate in our Fellowship programs, regardless of their economic means.

Thank you for your generous support of Humanity in Action. We are grateful to have you as a part of our community.