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Theatre Communications Group Announces New Recipients of Global Connections Program



Humanity in Action 2014 Copenhagen Senior Fellow Roo George-Warren, in collaboration with Annalisa Dias, has been exploring the effects of “global colonialism and unrestrained capitalism on all forms of life experience the impending signs of catastrophic climate change”. This project includes speaking and interacting with local Sami communities in Norway in the hopes of creating a multimedia album which will be presented through an interactive website as well as research to help produce Annalisa’s play, “The Earth, That is Sufficient”. The Grant is awarded by the Theatre Community Group in collaboration with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and seeks “to foster new relationships with international colleagues.” Roo and Annalisa were awarded up to $5,000 for travel support in order to collaborate with their new colleagues in Norway.

On their goals: “This residency has two goals: to create a multimedia album using found and processed sounds and visual media presented through an interactive website; and to complete a crucial stage of research in contemplative arts practice leading to the production of Annalisa’s full-length play, The Earth, That is Sufficient, to be produced by The Welders in 2019.”

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