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Celebrating 21st-Century Feminism and Why It Matters



Emmanuelle Herman explains that a major downfall of the current feminist movement is that feminists are not praising each other’s achievements. The Senior Fellow states that it is difficult to inspire young feminists to seek change in the future if we do not celebrate the feminists of today. Herman continues to state that often women feel self-conscious sharing their achievements and that by sharing the achievements of others, it will become easier to share our own. Emmanuelle Herman concludes with a list of her 5 most notable feminist achievements in recent history.

“Feminism is as relevant as ever in the 21st century. We’re going to need all the support we can get to make this the century of true gender justice. It is a massive task, but one place we can all start is to select a favorite recent accomplishment of feminist movements in the past ten years and tell someone about it. At the coffee machine tell your co-worker about the Istanbul Convention on preventing violence against women, tweet about the Hollaback movement to end street harassment, casually drop Chilean President Michelle Bachelet into a conversation with your accountant, or if you’re feeling lazy, just share this blog. However you do it, take a minute to learn about and celebrate our recent feminist successes, the global breakthroughs as well as the small steps forward. Knowing about the battles we’ve already won is half the victory.”

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