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"You Will Never Walk Alone" - Polish Women* Strike Back



Warsaw Senior Fellow Zuzunna Krzatala writes about the 100 days of Polish women’s resistance against the near-total abortion ban in Poland. In the article she highlights best practices in activism, substantiated by Senior Fellow Aleksandra Lipczak’s references to women’s fight for reproductive rights in Argentina and Spain. Krzatala also takes notice of blatant human rights violations and increased police brutality towards peaceful protestors, which dates back to pro-LGBT rallies in Poland last August. The article features photographs from an acclaimed documentary photographer, Karol Grygoruk, who covers protests and refugee crises globally.

Read the full article here.

Accessing safe abortion services remains a matter of privilege, whereas it should be an unquestionable right. The protests are a reflection of such sentiment, mobilizing women and persons of all backgrounds, regardless of their socioeconomic status.