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Vacancy Board Member: Treasurer



The board of Humanity in Action Netherlands is looking for a new treasurer who is committed to the new generation of social thinkers and doers for human rights, democracy and an inclusive society.

Who we are

Humanity in Action is an international educational non-profit organization. We are committed to a society with a solid rule of law. Humanity in Action Netherlands was founded in 1999 and is based in Amsterdam. Since then, the organization has been part of the international Humanity in Action network. This network has now expanded to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ukraine, France and Poland and is coordinated by Humanity in Action Inc. in the United States, New York. Over the past 20 years, we have built an international network of more than 2,000 committed human rights defenders.

Humanity in Action informs, connects and inspires the new generation of social, cultural and civic leaders to engage in dialogue and action for human rights, democracy and an inclusive society.

What we do

In today’s reality, our work is more important – and more challenging – than ever. Our society is increasingly characterized by polarization and the rule of law is fragile. There is a real urgency to strive for connection and social citizenship among young people with guts.

We need a divers coalition of new thinkers and doers within different disciplines; young people who are committed to justice and specifically the rights of minorities. We train those unifying, enterprising, inclusive and critical young thinkers. They are lawyers, artists, teachers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, journalists and activists; the “engines” of society.

Humanity in Action Netherlands develops intensive educational and activating programs for secondary school students, students and recent graduates; they are the leaders of tomorrow. We  support their social actions and offer professional Fellowships to them. We also organise public events and training courses for the general public.

What does the Board do?

The board is responsible for the operation of the foundation. The board decides on the budget and the ways forward. They draw the annual plan, make financial statements but also help shaping the content of the programs, public events and courses. The board is the employer of the employees of Humanity in Action Netherlands.

Humanity in Action is a small organization with two paid employees at the office and a large number of trainees and volunteers. The office is headed by the director. The board actively cooperates to improve the impact and sustainability of the organization. In some cases board members make their network accessible to the organization. The average time needed for these activities is two hours a week, including meetings and representation at programs and events.

The current board meets on average six times a year. The term of office is three years, with the possibility of a maximum extension of one year. Board membership is non-remunerated. At this moment the board consists of five members. As the term of office of the incumbent treasurer expires this year, we are looking for a new board member to take on this portfolio.

The treasurer advises the director on the development of new activities and is the director’s sparring partner in finding new funding opportunities by thinking pro-actively in the areas of fundraising and business development.

Who are we looking for?

The treasurer advises and supports the director with the preparation of the budget, the annual financial statement and the financial management and administration of the foundation. The treasurer sees opportunities for making the financial situation more sustainable and advises and supports the director and the board to use new financial resources for Humanity in Action Netherlands in an innovative way. We are looking for someone who:

  • Has extensive, relevant financial expertise and experience.
  • Has knowledge of accounting and experience in drawing up budgets and keeping financial records.
  • Considers the financial administration with a critical eye and pro-actively proposes improvements.
  • Has experience with fundraising and the development of new activities and new revenue flows.
  • Is creative, has a strong business acumen and a broad network in the cultural/non-profit sector.
  • Has knowledge of existing funds, within the cultural/non-profit sector an beyond.


For more information, please contact (secretary) at or 06-549 036 30.

Interested parties can send a motivation with CV to Corinne Arnold until March 16.