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Why the Philippines’ ICC exit could ‘undermine years of quiet diplomacy’



Senior Fellow Zachary Kaufman explains in the article that even with the withdrawal of the Philipines from the ICC, they can still be held accountable for any crimes committed by the United Nations. Kaufman agrees that it may raise radicalism and fear within the nation, and that withdrawal from the organization will place the nation in a bad light with other nations, possibly reducing the leniency it gets from neighbors and allies.

“From some of President Duterte’s past statements, it appears that he either doesn’t understand or objects to the reality that the ICC retains jurisdiction over a state during the time it was a party to the Rome Statute, even if the state withdraws from the Statute,” Zachary D. Kaufman, a lecturer at Stanford Law School and senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, wrote in an email to Southeast Asia Globe.

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