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Last fall, over 100 Senior Fellows gathered in over 15 cities to engage in conversations over dinner. Following the interest to come together in this way, we’re making Dinner Dialogues  – sponsored by Humanity in Action – an ongoing offer.

Group photos of Fellows and Senior Fellows gathering across the network for dinner Fall 2023.

What are these Dinner Dialogues?

  • A space to connect with other Senior Fellows in your city – or across the network online – over a meal in community with each other
  • An opportunity to hold intentional, meaningful, and timely conversations around issues of concern and relevance to the Humanity in Action community
  • A way to learn with and from one another and support each other through times of both challenge and joy

How do I participate?

  1. Step 1: Sign up here to share your dinner proposal and agree to the parameters
  2. Step 2: We greenlight, confirm any remaining details with you, and share our guide, Inspirations for Peaceful Dining 
  3. Step 3: Enjoy dinner conversations with your local fellow Senior Fellows, then send us the receipt and requested details here
  4. Step 4: We confirm having received your details and send your reimbursement via Paypal 

What are the parameters?

  • Reach out at least 5 days before your planned dinner
  • Share with us your “why” for holding the dinner and your gathering details
  • Dine with a minimum of three other Senior Fellows and/or Humanity in Action community members
  • Share a few outcomes from your gathering (reflections and quotes or a group photo)
  • Send your receipt (+ list of attendees) for reimbursement via Paypal (up to 25 USD per Senior Fellow and community member)

Note: We aim to support as many dinners as our community would find meaningful. We maintain our ability to adjust any components to this ongoing offer as well as seek clarity, request modifications, or decide not to support requests.