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Achraf Manar


Achraf Manar is one of the organizers of the youth-led group Different Leaders, which aims to promote responsible, inclusive and sustainable leadership, and influence decision-makers towards building equitable and sustainable policies. Having grown up in both urban and rural working-class neighborhoods in France, Achraf was exposed to inequalities that fueled his need to be committed to the service of a society. He became a student representative, to defend the interests of nearly 35,000 students. Engaged in the non-profit Article 1, (France’s largest equal opportunity organization), he helped organize a consultation of french young people leading to 17 proposals against inequalities within the 2019 Youth 7 summit, and presented to french ministers. He contributed also to organize 3 editions of the International Day of Equal Opportunities in more than ten countries, to help his cadets in their academic and professional paths and raise awarness about equality of opportunities.


Updated April 2021.