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Ágnes Fernengel

Executive Director, School of Public Life Foundation / Közélet Iskolája Alapítvány


Ági Fernengel is a community builder and trainer, whose mission is to develop the culture of civic participation in Hungary. She believes we can only live in a meaningful democracy if we encourage participation in public life and build diverse communities that are able to stand for their interests. She is the executive director of the School of Public Life, a community-based training center that develops democratic culture in Hungary and supports social movement building. She also co-founded the Deviszont Community Space, a civic education program dedicated to working-class youths in the outskirts of Budapest. Ági became active in community work in 2013 as an activist in a Hungarian student movement organized for an accessible higher education. Since then, she has been committed to working for educational justice. She has completed her degrees as a sociologist and anthropologist at ELTE and Central European University in Budapest. She loves caring for her house plants and hiking with her friends and family.

Updated November 2021