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Amna Haider


Amna Haider is a graduate of the University of Iowa with B.A. degrees in Philosophy and International Relations, and a Certificate in Human Rights. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, USA, Amna is a midwesterner at heart with aptitudes for peace-building, conversation, and international education. For example, among other roles, Amna interned with the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council and served on the University Lecture Committee to help bring experts and advocates to Iowa City who speak on global issues. After several COVID-19 cancellations, she also led the reboot of one of UI’s largest events, Walk it Out: Multicultural Fashion Show. Off campus, Amna volunteered at her local refugee resettlement agency and interned for the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit, the Enabling Peace in Iraq Center. In her free time, Amna enjoys participating in community-based cultural events, attending public lectures, meeting new people, and “frolicking” under the sun with her friends and family.