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Andrew Rasmussen


Andrew’s family moved to New York when he was 14 (prior to that we lived in Washington, DC), and with the exception of a year teaching English in Hungary and a few years of graduate school in Illinois, he has lived here ever since. His adolescence taught him the city’s physical and social geography; his first career as a public school teacher and dean taught him the city’s family life; and him current career as a psychologist at a clinic that treats refugees has taught him to see the city anew from the eyes of its newest residents. Andrew has always been someone who loves to learn. He revels in exploring and asking questions, which his position as a researcher allows him to do for a living. His father was an academic theologian and mother a nurse, and he’d like to think he thus received both theoretical and practical aspects of inquiry. Balancing these two sides is a central dilemma in his thinking.


Updated February 2009