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Andriani Papadopoulou


Andriani Papadopoulou holds a PhD degree in Sociology, received in 1994
from York University Toronto, Canada, where she also completed her undergraduate studies (iHonour’s BA in Philosophy and Sociology) and her MA degree (in Sociology). As a Sociologist/Educator/Senior Investigator in the Human Rights Department of the Greek Ombudsman and a Researcher, she has acquired extensive expertise on the issues that concern the Roma and immigrants and in general the violation of human rights.

Andriani Papadopoulou has considerable experience in university teaching in Canada (at York University-Toronto Ontario, Bishop’s-Lennoxville Quebec, UCCB Sydney-Nova Scotia) on a variety of subjects, including minorities/ vulnerable communities. In addition, as an instructor at the National School of Public Administration, she has extensive experience in training (including experiential teaching) public servants and municipal police, on issues regarding equal treatment and the social integration of Roma and immigrants. As a senior investigator in the Greek Ombudsman, Andriani Papadopoulou examines cases pertaining to violation/protection of human rights and implementation of equal treatment legislation; proposes legislative and organizational changes; performs on-site investigations; composes documents/ reports; communicates with citizens; intervenes to ensure resolution of disputes amongst members of vulnerable groups and the general public and participates in national and international bodies as a representative of the Greek Ombudsman, especially for Roma and immigrant issues. She has also written several articles pertaining to the situation of Roma in Greece. She has an excellent ability in both, English and Greek languages.


Updated October 2015