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Angelika Ginzburg Gurov


Angelika studies interdisciplinary gender studies at the University of Vienna and parallely works on the project “Investigating Nazi Gender Crimes” at the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies. Angelika also collaborated with the Museum of Applied Arts and the Vienna Contemporary Art Fair, exploring critical expression in culture.

As a social activist, she searches for new ways to organize the Women’s Network of the European Jewish Student Union and represents the image of Jewish life in Germany as a member of the editorial board of the “EDA” – German Jewish Student Magazine.

She is a mentor and coordinator in the international project “no.hate.power” between Europe and Central Asia to promote gender equality and human rights, funded by “Children for a Better World” and USAID. She also participated in a UNESCO Hackathon against anti-Semitism in Germany and advocates for justice and digital resistance to violence in the age of social media.

Updated May 2024