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Aranxa Parra


Aranxa Alejandra Parra Marquez is a vibrant and compassionate young professional driven by an insatiable curiosity for understanding the intricate tapestry of human cultures. With a background in cultural anthropology and sociological theory, she dreams of bridging understanding and fostering empathy across diverse communities.

Aranxa’s journey is fueled by a deep-seated passion for advocacy. She strives to dismantle barriers and promote inclusivity, recognizing the beauty and richness that arises from embracing intersectionality.

Currently, you can find her promoting kindness as a Human Resources Specialist for a bakery. Whether she’s advocating for Union employees or organizing ethical trainings to address inequities in the workplace, Ara approaches each task with humility and a commitment to making a positive impact.

Driven by kindness, fueled by curiosity, and guided by a profound sense of purpose, Aranxa hopes to make an impact in a world that yearns for connection and unity in the face of injustice.

Updated 2024