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Chaeyoung Oh


Chaeyoung Christina Oh is a Korean-American policy professional and academic. She currently works on driving innovation in environmental policy, recognizing the need for rapid action to address climate change. Christina formerly worked with the U.S. Helsinki Commission as a Max Kampelman fellow, focused on holding Russia and the Wagner Group accountable for genocide in Ukraine. She also conducted extensive counterterrorism research during her undergraduate career, publishing the first comprehensive database of right-wing extremist crime in the United States through the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. In her free time, Christina co-hosts a foreign affairs podcast which has featured former CIA directors, prime ministers, and members of Congress. She also enjoys utilizing her linguistics background to teach English Second-Language and conduct independent research on covert hate speech on social media. Christina’s dream is to develop a self sufficient homestead in the mountains with two cows and a goat.

Updated May 2023