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Charlotte van Braam


Charlotte van Braam (she/her) is an Indo (Dutch-Indonesian) artist-researcher, activist, and educator. Decoloniality is a common thread through her work as she always looks for new ways to approach collective liberation. In her creative research, she explores embodied knowledge and decoloniality, currently through a framework of ‘Indisch Ontzwijgen’. In this work, she approaches breaking this silence through a practice of truth-telling, re-presenting (historical) narratives as well as reconnecting with her heritage. Moreover, with her educational platform ‘Beyond the Buzzword’ she busts the myths that made decolonisation into a buzzword and encourages critical thinking on (de)coloniality. Having worked in several NGOs and creative institutions she is now focused on introducing/strengthening decolonial praxis in the spaces that she enters, as well as creating pluriversal spaces for decoloniality, community, and solidarity.

Updated April 2024