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Christa Calbos


Christina (Christa) Calbos is currently working in humanitarian crisis response in Northern Greece as a Camp Management Team Leader for the Norwegian Refugee Council. Christa completed her undergraduate degree at Manhattanville College in international studies and global justice, and her master’s degree in Black Sea cultural studies at the International Hellenic University of Thessaloniki. She also spent a formative semester in South Africa, studying multiculturalism and human rights, and conducting research with Sonke Gender Justice Network on promoting positive masculinity and ending gender-based violence. Since August 2015, Christa has been volunteering as a community organizer for local solidarity networks supporting refugees arriving at the Greek-FYROM border in Eidomeni. After months as a volunteer, Christa began working with Praksis, a local NGO, as a field assistant at the Greek-FYROM border, and later spent three months on the island of Chios with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) working as a Site Management Assistant at a refugee transit camp. In April 2016, Christa returned to Thessaloniki to be part of NRC’s start-up team conducting needs assessments and expanding site management and infrastructure activities within formal refugee camps throughout Northern Greece. In her free time, Christa likes to continue her volunteer activities, and write and take photographs of her travels and experiences.


Updated June 2016