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Clarissa Shane


Clarissa Annabel Shane is a Californian-Mexican-American learner, creative, activist, and healer. Clarissa is studying Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought at Bard College Berlin while concentrating in Politics and Ethics. While advocating for solidarity building and civic engagement, interpersonal community relationships, love, and egalitarianism are important values to overcoming the perils of the heteronormative, imperialist, colonialist, capitalist, and white supremacist patriarchy. In the past, Clarissa has organised the National 4-H Youth Development Program Conference in Washington, DC as well as the California 4-H State Leadership Conference and mindfulness retreats, worked as a CA 4-H State Ambassador, and served on the CA 4-H Civic Engagement Advisory Board. To obtain justice, it is important to think globally and act locally. Currently, Clarissa is working on a research project in Paredones, Michoacán, Mexico on migration and the effects of capitalism, climate change, and social implications. In the future, they plan to study herbalism.


Updated May 2022