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Cosima Klatte


Cosima Jiyun Klatte is an intersectional feminist and political scientist focusing on migration, critical security studies and human rights. She is a project leader at a Berlin-based NGO working with migrants and refugees with disabilities. Through her work, she is gaining valuable insights into the German healthcare system, self-help structures, and the legal conundrums interweaving social and asylum law. This has sparked her interest in the care and empowerment infrastructures for migrants and refugees with disabilities in rural Germany. As a fellow, she strives to incorporate her previous work experiences at the Berlin Social Sciences Center and the Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, alongside her ongoing volunteer work with third-country nationals from Ukraine. Cosima holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Freiburg and completed her M.A. at the Hertie School. Outside of work, she enjoys dancing, drawing, and exploring the little things in life.

Updated May 2023