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Emina Obradović


Emina Obradović is a Project Officer for Humanity in Action in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Emina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences and a Master’s degree in Sociology from the Faculty of Political Sciences University of Sarajevo. Her activist path began in high school, when she was engaged in work of many local organizations which were dedicated to solving problems of young people. She continued to work in this field during her college education. Emina participated in the Humanity in Action BiH ‘Encouraging Democratic Values and Active Citizenship Among Youth’  – EDVACAY 20219/20 program and she was a team leader of the group that implemented a civic campaign which was aimed at educating young people about administration and government in Bosnia and Herzegovina through an innovative educational tool – escape room. She also participated in numerous educations, seminars and programs which aimed at education of young people and which helped her to profile herself in this field.

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Updated February 2022

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