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Emma Aellen


Emma Aellen is a French-Swiss Cultural Anthropology graduate from the University of Amsterdam. Emma used this Bachelor’s to further develop her passion for sustainable and emotionally centered approaches to knowledge with a keen interest in education as a practical outlet. Previously Emma has completed an internship at the IAIE, which focused on intercultural education in traditional and non-traditional settings. Having resided in five countries, with the most notable influences being her time in Asia, Emma attempts to bring a rich cultural perspective to her endeavors. Renowned by friends and family for her creativity and wit, she has learnt to navigate diverse environments. Emma’s passion for continuous learning is evident through her autonomous and thoughtful approach to life. Outside academia, she dedicates time to self-cultivation, through various art forms, music, and conversation. Emma’s holistic view of education, nature and experiences reflect her commitment to personal growth and social betterment.

Updated April 2024