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Eva Nisioti


Eva holds a bachelor degree in Sociology, and her interest in the non-profit sector inspired her to get a minor degree in Communication, more specifically in Public Relations.

Eva’s desire to advocate for human rights and sustainable development and her motivation to make the world a better place where equality prevails and no vulnerable group is left behind drove her to participate in many volunteer programs working on intercultural activities with refugees.

Being a leader in a women’s empowerment program enhanced her knowledge of gender inequality and the challenges we face in society. Her professional experience as a communication assistant at a Greek non-profit organization gave her important insights into the constructive process that a humanitarian project requires.

With a willingness to never stop learning and growing as a person, Eva is dedicated to activist work that contributes to making our societies and world more just for those who continue to be exploited and marginalized.

Want to connect with Eva? Feel free to send her an email or connect with her via LinkedIn.