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Grace Ellis


Grace Ellis is an internationalist at heart, having lived in various places before finding herself in The Netherlands working in access to justice programming. Her work follows a Master’s Degree where she was awarded cum laude in International Relations, specializing in Global Conflict. This degree took her to Kosovo to explore transitional justice and post-conflict peacebuilding. Prior to this, Grace lived in Warsaw and became rather obsessed with finding out more about women’s diverse roles in the dissidence movements of 1980s Poland. Always fascinated by listening to new stories, Grace pays particular attention to those who may have been silenced and looks for ways to integrate their unheard perspective.

Today, Grace’s work takes her to Sub Saharan Africa. She also volunteers with asylum seekers and status holders in The Netherlands. This has sparked a new curiosity: exploring the question of belonging, identity and unpacking the loaded notion of ‘integration’.


Updated April 2021