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Hayley Cannizzo


Hayley Cannizzo is a graduate student at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa where she is earning her Master’s degree in Second Language and Women’s Studies. Hayley holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Indiana in International Studies and French. Before starting her graduate studies, she lived and worked in France for four years as a language educator. Currently, her research focuses on critical and feminist language pedagogy and seeks to investigate the intersection of language, gender and power. Recently, Hayley has become particularly interested in the construction and role of legal discourse in sexual assault and rape trials. Hayley is a Student Affiliate at the East-West Center where she co-founded the EWCPA International Women’s Group. The student-led group works to create a diverse, inclusive, multilingual and multicultural platform dedicated to promoting unity, strong allyship and exploring issues of positive change in regards to gender dynamics.


Updated May 2019