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Iben Schmidt


Iben Yolisa Schmidt recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a Bachelor’s degree in History and German Language, Cultures, and Societies. During her time at the university, she was actively involved in society committees and course management and since graduation, she has furthered her education through Common Purpose programmes and Yonsei University’s sustainable development in the 20th century course. Raised in England as a second-generation migrant with Danish, Zimbabwean, and Nigerian heritage, she has always been interested in maximising cross-cultural communication. Her passion for languages and their role in shaping social and historical narratives led her to focus her university research on gendered narratives in the German colonial project. Iben has also worked in various educational roles, promoting the development of young children. She hopes to integrate this professional experience with her colonial research to investigate the role of a nuanced understanding of history in sustainable development.

Updated May 2024