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Isidora Timkov-Glumac


Dora Timkov-Glumac was born in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she finished elementary and musical school, class of guitar. After graduating elementary school, she started Electro-Technical School “Nikola Tesla”, where she graduated with great success. Currently she is a third year student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka, University of Banja Luka. Dora has been an active member of the Hiking Society “Kozara” since 2008, where she has helped with organizing hiking events and the promotion of life in nature. Also, she has been a member of EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association) since 2009, where she has helped with organizing many social events and has even been a main organizer for the annual event called Soft Skills Academy in 2014. Dora’s plan is, upon graduating Automation, to pursue Master’s degree in the same major and to stay an active member of society.


Updated May 2019