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Ismail Sekyanzi

"Our duty is to reshape and invigorate systems that we trust, giving purpose to our role as responsible citizens."


Ismail is working as a project assistant for Humanity in Action, Berlin. He is a rising junior at Brac University, studying Law (LLB) and anthropology, with a focus on Human rights. Outside of his academics, Ismail has volunteered in philanthropic efforts in Africa and South Asia, where he served as a Co-founding member of the Reaching Hearts initiative, a student-led community-centric project based in Kampala, Uganda. Since 2019, he has played a pivotal role in driving transformative change, meticulously crafting strategic plans that have profoundly impacted his community. Simultaneously, he leverages his knowledge as a Researcher at the Peace Cafe, the Center for Peace and Justice Initiative in Dhaka, Bangladesh, an initiative that focuses on mentoring female-led civic activity and social entrepreneurship to achieve peace and social harmony, and Safe Haven Space, where he extends his support to individuals with refugee status in overcoming mental health challenges.