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Jack Bradley


Jack is a graduating senior and Lincoln Scholar at Centre College in Danville, KY, USA. He has just completed a semester in London where he hopes to return for graduate school after an internship with the US Department of State’s Office of the Historian. Jack has worked as a foreign policy intern for Dr. Mike O’Hanlon, director of foreign policy research at the Brookings Institution. Jack aspires to educate foreign policymakers on both the value and limits of historical examples and learning how to avoid the hindsight bias trap. His research interests include how citizen groups influence foreign policy
decisions, nuclear disarmament, and WWII.

Jack’s passion is making sure that we never forget the lessons of the past, including those which discriminate against people
with disabilities. As a disabled student himself, Jack presents to students, educators and legislators, seeking to improve the special education system to ensure access to rigorous curriculum and post secondary opportunities for all students.

Updated May 2023.