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Jana Ahlers


Jana Ahlers is a social and climate justice activist and currently pursuing a MA in Education Policies for Global Development. Originally from Hamburg, Jana’s passion for interdisciplinary education began with her involvement in CISV International, studying at Woodstock School, India and International People’s College, Denmark, where education transcends generational and socio-economic (b)orders. She graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Leiden University College and has since studied in Jerusalem, Glasgow, Barcelona and Cyprus. Jana has supported immigrant youth as a language coach, volunteered at spaces for homeless folk and conducted training with an NGO to  promote ethics at technical universities. She is organising in the struggle for climate justice, mobilising for COP26 with civil society and regularly facilitating participatory community assemblies. You can find her in a hammock between two apple trees reading about social imaginaries, degrowth and transformative pedagogies; writing poetry or planning non-violent actions across Europe.

Updated May 2020